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Why hire Virtually Yours From Connecticut, LLC?

It’s simple: Experience.

Virtually Yours From Connecticut, LLC
draws on more than two decades of experience helping busy professionals, ranging from individual private practitioners and small business owners straight on through to C-suite executives, marketing directors and more, be their best every day.

Our “in the trenches” expertise includes:

  • compiling and polishing clinical reports, presentation decks, marketing proposals, and correspondence;
  • providing a crisp, professional “public face” for everyone from solo entrepreneurs, to small/growing companies as well as for established firms/corporations;
  • juggling clients’ hectic schedules and travel itineraries; and
  • social media assistance.


At Virtually Yours From Connecticut, LLC, we take pride in making our clients shine. Our thoroughness and attention to detail ensure that clients come across as professional and polished on even the most demanding projects and schedules.

We gladly offer testimonials that attest to:

  • unparalleled personal service;
  • exceptional quality;
  • consummate discretion and professionalism; and
  • affordable excellence.

Tapping into our broad array of Web-based professional services only when you need them is a practical, low-overhead alternative for solo entrepreneurs, small- to medium-sized businesses, as well as larger companies that may need occasional additional administrative assistance support.

You can put your trust in Virtually Yours From Connecticut, LLC.

Thanks and we look forward to serving you!