What services is Virtually Yours From Connecticut providing currently?

Well, there are actually quite a few…

Sometimes it’s hard for a prospective new client to envision how they might work with a virtual assistant. So we’re pleased to share some of what we’re already doing for our current clients. And see if something resonates with you and your business needs. Take a look and let’s chat about what service offerings Virtually Yours From Connecticut can provide to help you grow your own business or practice.

For the Certified Clinical Forensic Psychologist

  • Track active cases and provide status reports on outstanding items.
  • Organize and manage documents and content related to cases – active to closed.
  • Monitor emails, secure and sort information by case, triage for high priority response needs and ensure communications are replied to in a timely manner.
  • Proofread/edit and prepare reference sections in APA Style of individual clinical reports for clients to tender to the court.
  • Proofread/edit and prepare reference sections in APA Style for professional articles to be submitted to industry journals.
  • Proofread/edit presentation decks for speaking engagements, training sessions and university courses.
  • Manage professional calendar by caseload, speaking engagements, conferences and personal commitments.
  • Manage travel arrangements for cases, speaking engagements and conferences.
  • Ascertain out-of-state licensing requirements and manage process of application as necessary.
  • Support for various professional and personal leadership roles by managing communications, file sharing and monitoring of email responses.
  • Manage time-tracking, billing and follow-up as well as track accounts receivable by quarter.
  • Track and capture records of testimony/deposition and evaluations/testing conducted by case.

For the Leadership, Executive and Team Development Coach/Psychologist

  • Manage and track the process of various consultative and assessment programs.
  • Format and layout presentations given to clients at different stages of the programs being conducted.
  • Order/schedule various testing instruments for psychological evaluations.
  • Digital transcription of clinical interviews for candidate suitability.
  • Transcribe handwritten interview notes into clear, easy-to-read and organized Word documents.
  • Brainstorm and develop ideas for various marketing approaches and manage the execution process when it’s time to deploy them.
  • Manage the business website/blog.

For the Strategic Business Communications Consultant

  • Format/layout proposals for current and potential new clients.
  • Format/layout presentation decks.
  • Render notes from various strategy sessions into crisp, clean documents to share results and what they mean with clients following the sessions.
  • Maintain the company’s professional look and feel by ensuring brand standards are upheld in every document created.

For the Local Small Logistics Business

  • Office management support.
  • Participate in marketing outreach and social media plan development and execution.
  • Help manage new business outreach program – development and execution.
  • Draft template content to be used as by office personnel.
  • Assist with HR management and duties.

Please contact us to set up a no-obligation consultation to see how Virtually Yours From Connecticut can help you reach your business goals.